Root Canals


Root canals

In the past, patients who had suffered from infected or decayed enamel always resorted to extractions to keep their enamel healthy and functioning. Today, endodontic treatment has come up with new and improved ways of saving the teeth by cleansing and nurturing the dental pulp with a root canal.

What is the root canal?

A root canal is an endodontic procedure designed to disinfect the root canal chamber and prevent further chances of infection that may compromise the health of the dental pulp.

When do patients require a root canal?

A root canal is generally recommended when there is a deep infection within the dental pulp. The infected dental pulp is the result of bacterial infection that could have found its way into the dental pulp from cracks, injury or breakage of the enamel.

What is the process involved in a root canal?

An infected or decayed dental pulp is a serious dental condition and would require endodontic treatment.

A root canal procedure usually involves the below few steps.

  • The endodontist would numb the portion of the gums near the decayed enamel with a local anesthetic. He/she would make use of a dental dam that would help keep the gums and teeth dry during the endodontic procedure.
  • The infection within the enamel is removed by creating a small access hole on its surface. A dental drill is used for the process. The endodontist would then use files to remove the infected pulp and thoroughly cleans the chamber. An antibacterial solution may also be used to disinfect the canal. This also helps reduce the risk of attaining any further infection.
  • Once the chamber is thoroughly cleansed, it would be filled with a filling material and the access hole would be sealed off. The newly restored tooth would be covered with a dental crown and polished.

Post-procedure Care

After the root canal procedure, the dentist would advise the patient on post-procedure care. It is highly recommended to follow routine dental cleanings at least once every 3-6 months and ensure that the patient turns up for follow-up visits.

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