Amanda L.


Jun 2019

Dr. Nancy & Dr. Tracy are the most gentle beings in this world. Growing up, I had no choice but to stay with my family dentist until just fairly recently. He would make me bleed and show no mercy on my sensitive gums, which literally made me die a little every time I had an appointment with him. Now as an adult, I finally made the switch to this location and I am beyond grateful to call them my dentists. They are kind, gentle, alert, and attentive. They even warn you when something might hurt and omg, it doesn't even hurt! I love it! Trust me, if you have had a bad history of dentists, I highly recommend coming here. You won't regret it!

Dianna N.


May 2019

I hated going to the dentist. Absolutely hated it. Avoided it longer than I care to admit here. Then one day I started having tooth pain. I figured it would go away and tried to wait it out. Spoiler alert: it didn't. I then was tasked with finding a dentist in network to get it checked out. I chose Dr. Nancy because of the good reviews, the close proximity to my home, and the hours which seemed convenient for scheduling around work. It was easy to get an appointment scheduled, and when I met Dr. Nancy, it went as well as it could have for being told I needed to get my wisdom teeth taken out. She was so kind and empathetic, and not judgmental at all about my dentist phobia. This was super important to me as I can be quite sensitive to bad bedside manner. Because of her positive demeanor, I didn't hesitate to come back for fillings and cleanings. She, her sister Dr. Tracy, and all the dental assistants were always so nice and gentle during my visits. The front desk staff is great as well both over the phone and in person. Unfortunately, I have to cease my visits due to moving out of state, but I would highly recommend this dental office to anyone looking for one!

Y C.


Apr 2019

My husband and I have been loyal patients of Dr. Trinh for several years now. It says something that we moved an hour away a couple years ago and we still make the drive all the way to see Dr. Trinh. She is hands down the nicest, friendliest, all around best dentist I have ever had and her staff are equally awesome. Let's just say I had a root canal and it was not a horrible experience (at least not with Dr. Trinh)!


Brenda P.


Apr 2019

I stumbled across Dr. Trinh's office through an Opencare Ad on Instagram, and I am so thankful I did. I've been going to Dr. Trinh's office since the beginning of this year. Dr. Nancy, Dr. Tracy and their staff are so welcoming and so nice! I've never felt comfortable going to the dentist, but I actually don't dread going to my dentist appointments cause both Dr. Trinh's are amazing! They walked me through the whole process of what they were going to do and it made me feel comfortable. I've had cavities filled and extractions done and I didn't feel a single thing. They make sure you are comfortable and good to go before they start. My fear of going to the dentist has gone away because of the whole staff in this practice! You guys are the best!!!!

Sirpreet S.


Mar 2019

Great experience. Very friendly, professional, and helpful. Highly recommended. Dr. Trinh did a filling for me recently and was extremely pleasant. She told me everything I needed to know and assured me it wouldn't be painful. Set up a method of communication Incase I did feel any pain and the procedure was very quick. The staff at the facility were equally pleasant and helpful. Once again highly recommended.

Praneel S.


Mar 2019

Dr. Tracy Trinh has been my dentist now for about a year and my first dentist since moving to San Jose. I first visited her for a tooth infection and she was able to recommend me to an oral surgeon who took care of the extraction. Since then I've visited multiple times and she has completely get over my fear of the dentist. I look forward to my appointments with Tracy. Great environment and everybody is super friendly.


Ahana S.


Feb 2019

I used to hate going to the dentist - now I don't mind at all! What a difference it makes to have a gentle, empathetic, highly knowledgeable person taking care of your teeth!

Steven S.


Jan 2019

This an update for a previous review. Just finished another dental appointment. This time for a cracked crown. Had the easiest and painless appointment ever, Dr Tracy was very gentle and explained everything. Could not ask for a better experience.10/10 rating.

Cesar Z.


Jan 2019

First time coming here and I had a great experience. The staff were friendly and helpful. Dr. Tracy is very sweet. She answered all my questions without feeling like I am being rushed, as I have experienced in many other dental locations. I emailed them to request some x-rays and to ask a some questions and were quickly to respond. Thanks a lot. I will definitely be coming back in 6 months for another teeth cleaning and will recommend this location to my friends and family!


Claudia A.


Jan 2019

My husband's tooth broke yesterday and so I started to look for a dentist that would be able to see him on Saturday morning. I came across Dr. Nancy Trinh's practice and called in first thing in the morning. They were able to accommodate him within 2 hours. I am very thankful for the way that they took care of him and put him at ease. The office is inviting. The front desk employees were amazing at explaining the costs associated with the dental work and they truly seemed to care. A++ from us! He will be going in to get his crown put in within 2 days. Really - Thank you!

C J.


Jan 2019

Dr Trinh is simply the best dentist you could imagine.......very grateful to have her as my dentist for several years now.

Cindy T.


Dec 2018

My dentist retired and I absolutely hated the dentist that bought his practice. I am not a fan of the dentist but you have to take care of your teeth so I spent some time on Yelp and found Dr. Trinh. What a great experience as far as dental work goes. The staff is welcoming and approachable. I am so happy I found her :)


Kelly T.


Nov 2018

Dr. Trinh is very nice, caring and thorough. She took time with me and told me exactly what my care entailed. Very glad I found her!

Katie H.


Oct 2018

My children and I have had such a great experience here that I felt compelled to leave a review. Dr. Tracy is such a gentle and empathetic dentist and makes visits so easy and even enjoyable! No wait times, and cleanings are quick and very thorough. Can't recommend Dr. Trinh enough.

Raul H.


Sep 2018

Just recently started going to dr Nancy Trinh and it was the best experience, The office is clean and really nice. There was no wait at all and the staff was very professional and cool and Dr.nancy Trinh was really nice and detailed about everything, oh and can't forget everything was painless. Makes me want to go to the dentist more often lol. I HIGHLY recommend!




Jul 2018

I had my teeth cleaned by Dr. Tracy Trinh and it was the most thorough yet pain-free tooth cleaning experience I've ever had! Dr. Nancy has done crowns for me and I never felt a bit of pain - including the injection! Thank you to these two terrific sisters and their awesome staff.

Felicia B.


Feb 2018

Dr. Nancy Trinh is one of the best dentists I have ever had. She is super gentle, and I completely trust her. What I really appreciate is that she takes her time with dental cleanings. Other offices I have been to do a quick cleaning (more like a quick polish) and that's it! When I saw Dr. Trinh the little details she is attentive to is what I appreciate. I should add that I had an emergency situation (my tooth had cracked), and Dr. Trinh's office was the only one who was accommodating. Minh squeezed me in at the last minute. The office is very welcoming. I have referred one of my friends, and I will continue to refer because they are great.

Edward C.


Sep 2017

5 star for great service!I had a pretty bad infection from a cracked tooth, and saw Dr Trinh about it. I called up to see if I could get a course of antibiotics the early the next day and left a message accordingly but unknown to me, the office was closed (despite what YELP said!). Minh however called me shortly after, and offered to track Dr Trinh down, get the prescription written out and get the form to me. All within a couple of hours on an "off day"- that's customer care and service!I have had several conversations about the treatment plan and I found Dr Trinh to be knowledgeable and the front office staff was very helpful and informative. Minh in particular is a force of nature, friendly, outgoing, and ever so helpful.


Michelle N.


Jun 2017

As someone who absolutely fears going to the dentist, this place is a safe-haven. I originally made an appointment scheduled at noon two weeks prior to going in. I received a call one day before confirming my appointment. The gentleman over the phone was incredibly polite and accommodating as I requested if I could be seen earlier than noon. He scheduled me in for 8:20am, which was perfect because I wanted to avoid the heat (it was going to be 102 that day). Nancy greeted me at the desk and got my paperwork going since they had just opened for the day. Right away I was taken to x-rays (the worst thing ever for me) and they made me feel comfortable to get through it. I needed a fill as well and they were able to accommodate me even though I was only going to have a cleaning. She explained everything and answered every question I had. Before the procedure, Nancy quoted me and was very professional about it. Money-talk can get awkward! During the procedure and cleaning, she and her assistant were attentive and easy-going, making the overall experience pleasant. The space was very clean & bright, making it welcoming. There is plenty of parking in the lot & seemingly more behind the building. I would definitely recommend seeing Nancy!

E G.


May 2017

I have been to my fair share of dental offices through out the years, from money hungry dentists to the good and caring.... but Dr. Trinh and staff take the cake. Hands down the best in my humble opinion. I almost don't want to write this review. I really want to keep them a secret, but at the same time I want to tell the world how wonderful they are. Yelp world: 5 stars+

Jim M.


Apr 2017

Dr Trinh is a great! I am the biggest whimp when it come to the dentist and she helps make it a comfortable experience. She is very good at providing alternatives and consuls very well through what are the options. She knows her profession and well as being very good at explaining the options.


Victoria T.


Jan 2017

Dr. Trinh, Minh, and the staff are very professional, pleasant, and are an absolute gem. I have been going to Dr. Trinh for about 3 years, and have recommended many of my coworkers and friends due to the excellent service.Minh is also very on top of scheduling the next appointment, and you get a reminder text before your next appointment. It is definitely a plus that the office is open on Saturdays!

Sau Y.


Jan 2017

I've been seeing Dr. Nancy Trinh since she started practicing in her South SJ office, so 3+ years now. We've moved 20 miles away, and both my husband and I still make the trek over to this side of town to be treated by Dr. Trinh! What can I say? You find a gem; you keep it!Dr. Trinh is super patient, in tune with your pain levels and is always taking the time to explain the procedures and what to expect or answer any questions you may have. Minh runs the office, and he is super professional and on top of things. I've had everything from your standard cleanings to invisalign done, and I'm happy with the service.If you're looking for a dentist, I'd highly recommend giving them a call.

Ashley D.


Dec 2016

I called Dr. Nancy Trinh's office Saturday right at 8AM after a night of incredible pain and absolutely no sleep and was super happy she could squeeze me in for a 9:20 appointment the same morning. Location: Located at the Oakridge Medical and Dental Center on Blossom Hill Road (the row of cute blue-roofed buildings that pretty much everyone can recognize if they're living in the area.) Parking: Such a breeze! Spots are large too. Waiting Room: Small and clean! There's TV which played "Elf" on it when I was there. Yay!Staff: Everyone here is so friendly! The nice woman who took my x-rays was super warm and welcome. She made me feel at ease (which was very important to me since I was pretty much in tears). The gentleman at the front desk was really cool too! He noticed my Ravenclaw sweatshirt and we chatted a bit about "Fantastic Beasts". Appointment: Dr. Trinh is amazing. She has incredible bedside manners and I just felt comfortable with her! She pinpointed my pain quickly (I had no idea which tooth it was-everything hurt) and told me to get my wisdom teeth out and to see her when I was done. She referred me to an oral surgeon and sent me on my way with antibiotics and some painkillers. After two days, I felt fine and got my wisdom teeth out today! Seriously. Thank you so much. Dr. Trinh and staff! You guys are definitely 5 stars! Misc:- You can fill out your patient forms online on the website to save some time! :)- They are open SATURDAYS!


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