Toni L.


Nov 2016

This is one of the most caring dentist offices I have ever been to. If you need a dentist in would highly recommend this dentist and Minh is the awsome.

Syreeta H.


Nov 2016

I'm new to this dentist office and recently had a root canal. Dr. Trinh was awesome. No pain at all. The staff is also very friendly. I'm glad I found a dentist I can trust and would definitely recommend.

Danny H.


Sep 2016

She was great! Really great customer service from start to finish, from the receptionist, to the technician, to Dr. Trinh herself. Everything was very clean and there was essentially no wait time. It's great that they open on Saturdays too.


Suge K.


Jul 2016

Super friendly, informative, and professional. Thank you Dr. Trinh and Minh for making my visits as pleasant as can be.. even if it means getting a filling!

Em F.


Jul 2016

Highly recommended. We have been patients of this dental office for about three years and have recommended it to others as well, and they have been pleased with this referral. Dr. Trinh and her staff are friendly and knowledgeable. This place is the complete opposite of the impersonal dental offices that gouge and up-sell.

Erna F.


Apr 2016

When I moved back to the Bay Area about 2 years ago, I had anxiety about finding a new dentist. I was so lucky to find Dr. Trinh! She is always friendly and explains everything. Her work is always gentle but thorough. I have a low tolerance for pain and she has always listened and made sure all the procedures were painless. Minh, at the front desk, is always welcoming and accommodating. He is always efficient with checking out and any changes to appointments. They are also very trustworthy with billing. I would highly recommend Dr. Trinh to anyone looking for an excellent dentist in San Jose.


Richard T.


Jan 2016

Dr. Trinh is the best Dentist I've ever had. I never feel pain when ever I have treatment done. She's also very thorough and is super nice too. Her staff is also very good, so don't be afraid to check them out. They have a nice TV setup in the waiting room with a movie playing and a ton of different magazines to read.I'll keep visiting Dr. Trinh for as long as I live!!!! (And so will you)

Nicole G.


Jan 2016

I have moved a lot and been to my fair share of dentists in all those cities and states, and Dr. Trinh is my favorite! The staff is very friendly and gets to know you (remembering that I'm new to the area, what my very profession is, what we talked about 6 months ago...) and Dr. Trinh is very easy to talk to--it's like chatting with one of my girlfriends while she's performing an exam (who knew that was possible?!). She explains things very well and makes going to the dentist something I never dread. Thank you!

Amanda S.


Nov 2015

Amazing family run business. The receptionist is always good at getting back to me and working with my not-so flexible schedule. Dr Trinh is always accommodating and pleasant. Love this dentist!


Richard K.


Nov 2015

Very happy with Dr. Trinh and her staff. I switched dentists about 2 years ago and have since brought the whole family in for regular maintenance.

Eric L.


Dec 2014

I shattered my front tooth in half in a freak accident during a late night basketball game. In tremendous pain, I called every dentist I could find but understandably none answered at that hour. Thankfully a manager at Nancy Trinh DDS called back and after describing the agony I was in, was able to locate Dr. Trinh who gave me general advice as to how I can alleviate the pain until my appointment they were able to squeeze in the next morning. When I got there I could tell they were already really busy so I was very grateful they accommodated me on such short notice. Now my biggest concern was the procedure of removing my tooth, but after the doctor explained to me the process and what it entailed I was in complete comfort with everything and it went exactly as it was explained to me. Thanks again team at 827 Blossom Hill!!!!Ps: I even received several call backs from other dentists I left messages for the night before hours after my tooth was replaced.

Charles K.


Oct 2014

I've been to more than a few dentists in the Bay Area, east coast, and even way out in the Pacific (Hawaii), and I can say that my experience at Dr. Trinh's clinic was among the best I've had. I was impressed by how well she knew her stuff, and how she took the time to explain things to me. I have bruxism and had my teeth straightened in the past, so I wear a nightly mouth guard that doubles as a retainer for my upper teeth. I was seeing her for the first time for the removal of my permanent retainer along my bottom teeth, and she'd offered to consult on my case. They took some X-rays and photos of my teeth which were reviewed by her, and when she did come in to discuss treatment with me, she used a model mouth as well as examples of the retainer I was currently using (upper teeth) and the one she recommended making for me (lower teeth), since the adult teeth can still move. Seeing how the two retainers, one bulky, the other not, would work if I were to wear them at night made me feel much better and reassured. She and the rest of the staff at the clinic were very friendly, and courteous, working with me during my transition between different types of dental insurance, which allowed me to lock in a favorable rate for the treatment.I have a cleaning scheduled in a few weeks which I expect to be just as good given the positive experience of this visit!


Cathy D.


Jul 2014

Best dental office I've ever been to! I was recommended here by a coworker. Dr Trinh takes the time to get to know you personally and explain details of what needs to be done. (I'm a nervous scaredy cat). After neglecting my teeth for years, I came in with a toothache and needed a root canal. Dr Trinh completed my root canal without any pain! She also noticed I was really nervous and had forgotten my iPod at home, so she let me borrow her phone to listen to music while I was getting my work done!! My husband needed an implant after getting a tooth knocked out in a sports accident years ago. Dr Trinh patiently explained the entire process to us. She even took the time to attend his surgery (done with the specialist) to ensure it all went smoothly. Afterwards, when the implant was ready to have a crown, Dr Trinh did everything meticulously and pain free. I would recommend this office to anyone looking for a professional and a gentle dentist!

Davis P.


Jul 2014

By far the best visit I ever had going to the dentist.Going to the dentist is something I dread and even at times I like to put off my visits. Its always a ton of waiting, with either a tiny t.v on a channel that nobody watches, or outdated magazines that I never heard of. The atmosphere is gloomy, the settings all seem generic, and it feels like nobody really wants to be there. Most of the time you sit there in awkward silence and count the minutes till the dentist sees you.This is exactly what I expect every time I go to the dentist, man was I in for a pleasant surprise. First thing I notice when I walked was how modern the interior looked. It was well organized and the first thing my eyes catch is a big screen t.v with the movie Back to the Future on. I was greeted by the person attending the desk and offered a water before I even had a chance to sit. I was even asked if there was a movie I preferred to watch instead of Back to the Future. Next thing I know I am in the middle of a conversation about movies trading back and forth with the guy attending the desk. There was hardly any waiting and it made me kind of wish I had more time to sit around and talk.I go off to see the dentist Dr.Trinh, just like the guy attending the desk we end up striking up a quick conversation before she examines my teeth which made me feel a bit more comfortable. I had a quick and painless teeth cleaning. Then Dr.Trinh took a quick examination at my teeth. She notice something was a little off with one of my fillings I had from a previous dentist (which by the way nobody else noticed) and asked if I had any prior issues with it. Weirdly enough I did have some small issues and she gave me some tips on how to take care of it. She didn't try to sell or book me another appointment like other dentist would of. It really felt like she was looking out for me and my personal well being. She told me about some of the possible risk of me neglecting the filling but said it wasn't too much of a cause for concern if I took good care of it.Over all it was definitely the best visit I ever had at a dentist I really recommend that if you live in the area and need a dentist appointment I would go to Dr.Trinh's office.

Maynard L.


Jul 2014

Dr. Trinh is the best dentist I've ever had. Her oral exams are top-notch and I always leave her office thoroughly satisfied with my visit. When I visit my dentist I don't want to feel like a car that needs servicing. Dr. Trinh treats me like a real person and not just a body in a chair. She always gives me the straight talk when I need work done and never BS's me which I really appreciate, having dealt with shady dentists in the past. Oh, and Minh at the front desk is a really nice guy too.


Michael C.


Sep 2013

Dr. Trinh took over from Dr. Tandy Centers who is now retired After returning to the area and hoping to find a dentist as good as Dr. Centers, it was great to find out that the quality friendliness and proficiency of the staff and particularly Dr. Trinh hasn't changed since Dr. Centers left. I went in for a cleaning and they were incredibly efficient. Dr. Trinh (and Dr. Centers) were the only dentists to diagnose my abfraction as a consequence of my teeth grinding - and not brushing hard. They also didn't immediately recommend a battery of treatments intended to drain my dental care benefits or my bank account. I highly recommend Dr. Trinh to anyone looking for a really nice, competent dentist.

Micah M.


Aug 2013

I was looking for a dentist and I found one close by. I decided to check it out. One word. Amazing! This dentist was the best I've been to. The interior didn't look like a regular boring dental office. The environment of the office was inviting, nicely decorated and it felt homely. Minh, the guy in the front desk, was super nice and courteous. Dr. Trinh was very patient and informative. I had a lot of questions and she answered all of them throughly. Over all great experience. I can't wait to go back for my check up!

Michael T.


Apr 2013

Friendly and efficient!Growing up in the area, I've seen these dental office buildings since I could remember and decided to finally to stop in since I was on the prowl for a new dentist. To my surprise, the inside looked nothing like what I had imagined from the exterior. The exterior looks a little outdated but the inside is as modern as they come w/a home comfort type feel. Even trendsetter hipsters would give their seal of approval of the interior design. They just recently remodeled the interior and are pretty much completed. Just minor things here and there (i.e. entertainment center) that are in the works.But wait...there's more. As much as I was impressed by the interior, the service is above and beyond. When entering, you'll be greeted by a guy named Minh (I'm assuming he's the husband) who checks you in. He's real friendly and quite the chatterbox, so time went by real fast before I got to see Dr. Trinh.Now, like many other people, I'm not a huge fan of the dentist in general. They don't really talk much or tell me what exactly is going on but never short on their judgemental "ohs" and "hmmms" when fiddling around with your teeth. Just never been a fan. However, Dr. Trinh was the complete opposite. She was talkative throughout the entire check up and explained to me exactly what she was doing as she was doing it. The whole process was informative, quick, and most of all...pain free!I cannot stop raving about this hidden gem to all my friends. Definitely have found my new dentist!


M K.


Feb 2013

My dentist skipped the country, and I was about due for a check up.I wanted a conveniently located place, so i made an appt w/ Dr. Trinh. The outside of the building is older, but they're under construction and the interior is updated and homely. I walked in and was greeted by Minh. He is the office manager and was super friendly. Jackie, the dental assistant took X-rays. She made sure I was comfortable throughout the time.Dr. Trinh was very professional, yet personable. She thoroughly explained everything, then went on with my teeth cleaning and a filling. She was so gentle, I did not need to get numbed up. I left with nice clean teeth and a bag of goodies (floss, toothbrush & paste). Totally relieved to have found a good dentist close to work!

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