Meet The Staff


( Office Manager )

Minh graduated from San Jose and is a resident of California. He is passionate about football and enjoys cooking. He and Dr. Nancy Trinh are team players and believe in giving their patients the best of dental care. Minh enjoys spending time with Nancy and their children. Both Minh and Nancy love Disney.

Tiffany Roberts

( Dental Assistant )

Tiffany has been in dentistry for about 20 years and is passionate about nothing more than giving her patients the best. She commits to ensuring that your time is the practice is a comfortable and welcoming one. Tiffany is a huge Disney fanatic. loves to travel, and enjoys running in marathons.

Makayla Torres

( Dental Assistant )

Makayla grew up in Hollister, California. She enjoys dentistry. Being the oldest of her siblings, she enjoys watching over her younger sisters. Over the weekends Makayla enjoys traveling and visiting her family who lives in the bay area. She enjoys spending time with her grandmother.

Betty Garcia

( RDA )

Betty Garcia is a registered dental assistant and loves to work with her team. She has been serving her patients for over 10 years. During her time away from work, she enjoys spending time with her husband and son. She loves to travel and enjoys going to Disneyland.

Edeline Tavarez

( RDA )

Edeline Tavarez is a registered dental assistant and is professional at what she does. She enjoys BBQ over the weekends with her husband and their two children. She is a lover of cross-fit workout and participates in cross-fit competitions.

Maybelle De Guzman

( RDA )

Maybelle is a registered dental assistant and has been in dentistry for years 12 years. She enjoys spending time with her kids and husband. During leisure time, Maybelle enjoys listening to the late 90s' music.


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