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If you’re missing some or all of your permanent teeth and don’t want dental implants, consider dentures. Dentures are custom-crafted oral prosthetics that more than 41 million Americans wear. At Trinh Dental in San Jose, California, Nancy Trinh, DDS, Tracy Trinh, DDS, and the team offer both partial dentures and full dentures. To schedule an appointment, call the office, or book online today.

Dentures Q&A

What are dentures?

Dentures, or false teeth, are tailor-made oral prosthetics used to replace some or all of your permanent teeth. They’re made of materials like acrylic, plastic, or metal and sit comfortably on top of your gums. 

Dentures restore your chewing and biting abilities. They also lower your risk of potentially serious health problems caused by missing teeth, including gum recession and bone decay. 

What are the types of dentures?

At Trinh Dental, the team offers several types of dentures, including:

Partial dentures

If you’re only missing some of your permanent teeth, the team might recommend partial dentures. Partial dentures contain a number of false teeth attached to a metal framework. The framework snaps into place around your existing teeth, restoring your smile to its near-original condition. Partial dentures are removable, so they’re easy to clean and care for.

Full dentures

Full dentures have a metal base plate, pink acrylic gums, and a complete arch of false teeth. You use a denture adhesive to attach them to your gums, allowing you to bite, chew, and speak comfortably. Like partial dentures, full dentures are removable.

Implant-supported dentures

If you’re missing all of your teeth, but don’t want to remove your dentures regularly, you might benefit from implant-supported dentures. Implant-supported dentures connect to dental implants, which are small metal posts that act as replacement tooth roots. They can replace a complete arch of teeth at the top or bottom of your mouth.

What is the process of getting dentures?

At Trinh Dental, getting dentures begins with an in-office consultation. During your initial appointment, the team conducts an oral exam, reviews your oral health history, and asks about your goals for treatment. 

They take impressions of your gums and teeth (if you have any remaining) and send your impressions to a dental laboratory. The dental laboratory then manufactures your partial or full dentures. 

A week or two later, you return to Trinh Dental. Your provider shows you how to place and care for your dentures. They also provide you with tips and recommendations for adjusting to false teeth.

How can I keep my dentures in good shape?

Dentures are just like your natural teeth in that they require cleaning and care on a daily basis. 

To prevent the build-up of plaque and food particles, the team at Trinh Dental recommends brushing your dentures with toothpaste and a soft-bristle toothbrush at least once a day. When you go to bed at night, place your dentures in a professional cleaning solution. The type of solution that’s right for you depends on the material of your dentures.

You might also need to avoid certain foods or beverages. For example, hot drinks like coffee or tea can cause your dentures to warp. Additionally, hard foods like candy or chewing gum may result in cracking or chipping.

If you dream of restoring your smile, consider dentures. Schedule an appointment at Trinh Dental by calling the office or booking online today.